About Us

Neeta Patch is run out of a shed, that is shared with all the hubbies boys toys, its a little business in NZ.  It all started when my father ( Big G) imported some tape for bits in peices. What happended was his horse mad daughter (me) was taking strips to repair her horse covers and other broken sports related things. It grew from cut offs been given to friends and family. 

Neeta Patch was established in November 2008 when my sister and brother in law came up with the name and Farmers Daughter design came up with the branding! 

Neeta Patch has expanded from those annoying horse cover rips to hunters out bush to sailors repairing wet weather gear or sails, or farmer using it in all kinds of situations you need something to work better than the standard duct tape.

Neeta Patch supports local events and loves hearing stories of where it has been used to save the situation. 

Just dont stick it where you need to get it off! I do not have an antidote to remove it!!